inking exercise
tools : Gpen, Marupen, Imstudio comic ink, drawing pen, brush pen.
paper : deleter manga paper A4

note: I scan and cleaned those smudged ink =3=

so? anyone interested if I open ink commission?

Commission art

Due to need of extra income.
Yes, money problem here… and need money for paying bills and need it if I need to go to a specialist doctor.

I’m accepting commission.
here is the first type of commission. full digital color.
for now I only accepting 3 SLOTS only.

The rules are simple:

  1. please read all the rules and information before asking me anything. if there are something I didn’t write in here, you may ask, before placing your order.
  2. PM me your order with the order form. if you do not send me the order form, i won’t process your order.
  3. art takes time, and I also have IRL things to do, like helping my mom with chores etc. I will try to finish the artwork maximum 10 work days (do not count sunday/saturday).
  4. pay full payment up front. do not pay as personal payment. do not worry the price already include with the paypal fee.
  5. I will start after I receive the payment.
  6. I will send a sketch work to you to see or choose and decide.
  7. I will send Work In Progress (WIP) to you as often as I could.
  8. If my internet is behaving good, I’ll use livestream for work in progress.
  9. Artist can decide the composition of the art based on requester’s informations.
  10. Changes in the art is OK, as long it isn’t a major change.
  11. you can ask me to change the art maximum 3 times/art.
  12. I have the right to published my commissioned work in the website but the credit will be yours.


  • FULL Refund will be given if I haven’t started your commission.
  • Half refund will be given, if I have send the sketches of your commission.
  • NO refund if I have started to ink and color your commission.

Will do:

  • Bishojo
  • bishonen
  • fanarts (please ask first, i’m not confident at fanart)
  • Light anthro
  • shonen ai or shojo ai

Order form:

Name: (DA name/tumblr name or real name)
number of character:
shots : Close up / waist shot / 2/3body / full body?
Background : (none, simple, decent)
Information: (your character’s information, scene details, etc)
Link for reference: (if you have any)

** Paypal address will be given if I have accepted your order.

I miss coloring with copic … Soo today I draw something hahaha….. #copic #copicmarker #art #sketchmarker

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