Suppose to uoad thi yesterday but problems came. #inktoberindonesia #inktober #inking #mangaink #instaart

and… now I suddenly got fever… so.. oh well…

#inktober #inktoberindonesia #inking #mangaink #originalcharacter day 18

my Original character. I decide to ink while trying to redesign her outfits.

#inktober #inktoberindonesia #inking #originalcharacter #day16 yess I skipped aloy of days due to works hahaa…

New badges for Cocoon Festival 2014 
which is going to be held at 25 Oct 2014.

it’ll be also available for Comic Fiesta 2014 too

Phonecharm and keychains are later to be update. after I can get updates from my manufacturer which promised me to finish it at the early december


hey guys.

I hope there are some Malaysians and Indonesians here. but international are welcome also

what do you prefer most?
KEYCHAINS (hook type) or Phone charms (with and without the phone jack plug) ?

thankyou for anyone who is kindly help me to answer this

Anonymous said: It's Inaho, not Inoha

woah thx for telling me. was typing with sleepy eyes haw haw

Aldnoah Zero

Puppy Slaine catty Inaho


I’ll just do this for now.

Gugure! Kokkuri san chibi ♥

This anime is SO HILARIUS hahahahahahhaa I love it. I can watch it more then 3 times (while working).
soo stupid!

and then I saw the inugami with Takahiro Sakurai’s voice OMIGOD… and look at their pet form. ahahahahha… too cute not to draw them XD

there are ton else. but I’ll see to it later on :3