only opened for Indonesia shipping only (for now)
because I really haven’t had the time to go to my post office. YEAH some JAKARTA’s post office is DAMN FAR and costly if you don’t have a car +_+
mine is far, no one near my home to ask. so I need to go to the main branch of post office.
and for using a car, I need to wait when my dad isn’t using the car to work.

Hanya unt pembeli dari Indonesia.

Noragami akrilik keychain.Gambar bolak balik. keychain model kait.

harga : Rp 25.000/pc
*harga belom termasuk ongkir

bisa Pre Order supaya ketika barang sampai bisa lgsg dipisahin.

untuk memesan mohon ke atau Note ke dgn judul ‘PO keychain noragami’

Prev teaser Noragami Keychain 1 by ernn

actually this is a teaser what the keychain will be.
the hook for the keychain is still not decided. I need to ask the manufacture if they have these or not.

price still un known because I need to ask the merchandise maker tomorrow.

it’s Saturday, should be taking holiday, but instead I’m finishing my chibis that had been postponed due to works haw haw..

lets finish it :3

I want to draw more not chibis.

work in progress on my OC, Crein

2014 comic event attenting plans

here is some events I’m planniing to attend this year.

with me good luck on getting the booths.


AFAID 2014
15, 16 & 17 August 2014, Fri, Sat & Sun
at Jakarta Convention centre, Indonesia

AFA SG 2014
5,6 & 7 December 2014, Fri, Sat & Sun
at Suntec Convention centre, Singapore

probably around 20-21 December 2014 (it’s just my hunch)

and I’m still working on to open online shop for internationals.
I still haven’t had the time to go to the post office yet. well the thing is I need to make some ‘package wrapping samples’ first which I haven’t got the time and the items I need to make one (bubblewrap/wrapping) and time/transportation to go there to ask how much does it cost.

the shipping fees will include packaging fee. (just so you know so you won’t freak out why the shipping fee differs from the written and what I had told you).

Noragami Chibi!

featuring Yato and Yukine :3

just a preview hwhwhehehehehe… will up the finished work as soon as I could.

plan merchandise : phonestraps, keychains, bags.

SnK artwork for an artbook compilation I’m joining.

Mikasa and Levi :3 
I don’t know why it’s much harder to finish Levi than Mikasa… +_+

sorry for the ‘portion’ preview. because the book isn’t out yet hehe…

just a peek haw haw haw…